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About US

Somali Exiled Journalists Association 


Somali Exile Journalists Association (SEJASS) is a non-profit association representing Somali exile journalists in Kenya. It is in short, an association of associations. The SEJASS seeks to further journalism as a bridge between governments and the public. It promotes the role of journalists as key player in civil society freedom of expression and democracy. The association goals are to improve the quality of Somali journalists, promote standards and support journalists in exile.


The association seeks to organize regular exchanges between Somali journalists in exile. The SEJASS maintains a website to share information about advances and trends in journalism. Training and networking for journalists, especially in Kenya, are key priorities.


The association was founded September 2009 in Kenya where Mohamed Adam Sidi was elected its first Chairman. In December 2010 more than 100 exiled journalists participants in the General Annual meeting, elected Abdisatar Dahir Sabriye –Later killed in Mogadisho– as the second Chairman after Mohamed departs the country to resettle in Canada.

On January 2012 in Nairobi Kenya, Mr. Mohamed Osman Hussein known as (New York) was elected as the third chairman he replaced Abdisatar Dahir Sabriye who returned back to Mogadisho after difficult life and without attention from UNHCR in Kenya.

Our mission

SEJASS works to make warring parties more responsible to journalists. We are advocates for finding practical solutions to Journalists suffering in war. We believe that warring parties should do everything in their power to avoid harming journalists and that it is never acceptable to walk away from the harm they do cause.


There are over 60 journalists registered as exiled Journalists in Kenya.

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